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 COB / UDP Memory Chips
Standard UDP / Micro UDP / USB 2.0 & USB 3.0 COB Chips

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USKYMAX is one of the largest memory supplier in Hong Kong & China. We treasure the relationship with our clients and is committed to provide excellent service and quality product at a very competitive price. We tested every units of our memory product before shipping out, ensure that our clients can receive the product in top quality and in best condition.

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UDP/COB is an integrated USB memory chip with high shock resistant performance. The convenient and simple packaging design make this product easier to use on different devices and more convenient to be produced and packaged.

Compatible with Windows/Linux/Mac OS sysytem
RoHS Certified Product
Write-Protected, Password Encrypted, Safety Division
Blackout data protected mechanism
Water-proof Grade IPX5
Support LED-instructed reading and writing
Support sleep and wake mode


USB 2.0 - Micro UDP (Micro COB)





USB 2.0 - UDP (COB)



Samsung EVO Micro SD




USB 3.0 - Micro UDP / UDP (Micro COB / COB)


MicroSD Sandisk




For latest price offer, please contact us :

Email :

WhatsApp : +852 94440585


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